At this point we can talk about walking, hiking and trekking.

From the village of Nebbiù three easy walks almost flat start: one in the direction of Pozzale (going through the old military polygon), a second toward Valle di Cadore (starting from the old mill) and the third reaches the Pissandro waterfall going beside the old church.

From the old church begins a trail more challenging and sloping. Going through the "salto del mus", it reaches Antracisa gap after an hour and a half and 650 meters of elevation gain (Trail No. 254), where we cross the “Alta via” No. 4 and No. 5.

From Antracisa Gap several paths branch:
- Following a slightly uphill trail, in a few minutes you can reach the Antelao shelter. From here you can choose to reach the church of S. Dionisio (1946 meters) where you can enjoy a 360° view on Antelao, Marmarole and Pelmo, or to go to Piria Gap (Trail No. 250), the plans and glacier of Antelao and then continue toward the Galassi shelter.
- Otherwise there are several options if he don’t wish to repeat the same route: to climb along the trail No. 251 to Costapiana shelter, or following the path towards Pozzale No. 253, or going along the path No. 250 to the Prapiccolo shelter, or as last resort you can follow the road towards Tranego before going to Pozzale too.

Doing a short journey by car, it is possible to reach the starting point of many paths leading to shelters and tops of the most famous peaks in the Centre Cadore, including:
- From the Lake Centre Cadore’ dam, you can reach the Tita Barba shelter (M. Vedorcia) and the Picco de Roda.
- From Calalzo paths start to reach Marmarole and its shelters (Galassi , Chiggiato, Bajon, Ciareido).
- from Vallesella crossing the lake, they are reachable the Cercenà and Padova shelters. From there excursions leads to Spalti di Toro, Montanel and M. Cridola.

To make another interesting walk, you can go up to Cibiana gap by car (remembering to stop in Cibiana to see the murals painted on the houses all over the village) and then walk to the top of Mount Rite (here we encounter the “Alta Via” No. 3) where you can enjoy another wonderful view of Dolomites of Cadore and Zoldano. On M. Rite there is the “Museo sulle Nuvole” too.

To walk in a still wild and pristine environment, you can go to Macchietto (a hamlet of Perarolo) and follow the path N ° 399 that goes into Valmontina, a wilderness area (wild and largely untouched).

Who wants to cycle can reach the Antelao shelter going thorugh Pozzale and then from Tranego with 950 meters of elevation gain, or going to the Costapiana shelter from Valle di Cadore with a 800 meters of elevation gain.

Of course one km from B&B, there is the 100 km bike path that from Calalzo goes to Lienz in Austria, going through Cortina d'Ampezzo and Dobbiaco.

At Pieve di Cadore we have the birthplace of Tiziano, the Museum of glasses and the Museum of the Magnifica Comunità di Cadore.

Near Nebbiù you can discover the ancient houses in Grea and Rizzios, the churches in Damos and the covered bridge of Rualan.